Update following community session 9 June

We would like to thank the residents of Aintree who participated and contributed to the conversation on 9 June about the supply of Class A recycled water to their estate.

The information gathered will be valuable as we progress planning around supplying Class A recycled water for your community.

We heard the community are mostly positive about recycled water. However, there are concerns are about the timing of the connection to the supply.

This feedback - along with the other information gathered - will be passed on to the Board to inform their decision making.

We’ll now compile a report summarising what we’ve heard and share that back to the community through this page - along with responses to questions and information requests that we received at the session and through this page.

Future pricing for Class A recycled water

With respect to pricing for Class A recycled water, we want to assure the community that it is very likely that Western Water’s current pricing approach will change to better match community expectations under Greater Western Water (GWW).

Planning for GWW’s next Price Submission is underway with revised prices likely to come into effect from 1 July 2023.

We are sharing the community’s feedback about Class A recycled water to the price submission team and we will also share opportunities with you on how to get involved in price submission engagement activities.

About the community session

On 9 June we held a community session for residents in Aintree to hear from community members about the potential future supply of Class A recycled water to the estate.

We heard your views to help us plan the best solution for your community and will provide a summary report and further information in the near future.


Some homes in Aintree have had dual water supply pipes installed, one for drinking and a purple pipe for Class A recycled water.

Class A recycled water can be used for:

  • flushing toilets
  • watering the garden, including vegetables
  • washing cars, outdoor furniture and external house cleaning
  • fire fighting
  • ornamental ponds and water features
  • clothes washing

To date, Class A recycled water has not been available to homes with dual water supply. Instead, drinking water has been provided through both meters. This has been a little confusing and has concerned some community members.

To ensure the community are aware and updated on the potential supply of Class A recycled water to your area, we will continue to keep you updated through this page.

How to stay involved

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Next steps

We will move to Greater Western Water's consultation site

  • On 1 July 2021, Western Water and City West Water will integrate to form a new water corporation - Greater Western Water (GWW).
  • This engagement page will then shift to Greater Western Water’s consultation site.
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How we will use your input

  • We will capture the feedback provided about the potential supply of Class A recycled water to your community and develop an engagement findings report.
  • The report will be provided to the Board to help inform their planning and decision making about the supply of Class A recycled water to your estate.
  • A summary of the report be available on the GWW engagement page along with the Board’s decision.
  • We’ll also develop a campaign to communicate the outcome to all homes within the estate.